EXCLUSIVE: Michael Trevino on 'Vampire Diaries': "Tyler is A Little Too Tough to be Sacrificed"

Rumor has it someone is going to be sacrificed tomorrow night in Mystic Falls, but we can promise you that someone wont be Tyler Lockwood, the badass werewolf played by Mexican actor Michael Trevino. "Tyler's a little too tough right now to go anywhere," the 26-year-old actor revealed exclusively to Latina.com. "He's a little too tough to be sacrificed that easy. I have no doubt that Tyler will be in season three." Trevino gave us the scoop on what goes down in tomorrow night's highly anticipated episode of The Vampire Diaries (8/7c on the CW), explained why the episode is a game changer for Tyler, and told us what he wants to see happen to his character in season three!

What can you tell us about tomorrow night's episode?

It continues from the {previous} episode so it's still night time. Everybody else is trying to get the ritual done and Tyler has transformed back. We see the aftermath of the relationship between Tyler, Caroline and Matt once Tyler's back in his form. We see how they all interact with one another within that "love triangle." And that's important because this is the first time that Matt {Zach Roerig} has seen Tyler in his wolf form, so it'll explain that and you'll kind of get Matt's perspective on it and how he feels about it the first time he sees Tyler change.  

Will we see a lot of tension between Tyler, Caroline and Matt?

I wouldn’t say tension — because tension to me sounds like it’s a bad thing, {like something} negative. But I would say, on edge, very cautious.

Describe tomorrow night's episode in just three words?

Oh man. {Laughs}. In three words? Sad. Game changer. In my honest opinion, I feel like more happens in tomorrow's episode than in the finale - and I'm not saying that because I'm not in the finale! Once the fans see the episode, I'd like to see what people's opinion is about which one was a big game changer - was it episode 21 or episode 22? And in my opinion I think it’s 21.

Is it a game changer in particular for Tyler?

Yes. It's definitely a game changer within the relationship of him and Caroline.  

Your costar Nina Dobrev recently said there would be "a lot of tears" after tomorrow's episode and we know there's a rumor that a werewolf will be sacrificed. PLEASE tell us this isn't the end for Tyler Lockwood? 

Tyler is a little bit too tough right now to go anywhere. He's a little bit too tough to be sacrified that easy. I have no doubt that Tyler will be in season three.

How much of Tyler will we get to see in the episode?

I'm not in the episode a whole lot, but the two scenes are very important to the journey that Tyler has in the future in Mystic Falls and it has to do with the trio (Tyler, Matt and Caroline). It's big! it opens up a new door. There's a new window of opportunity there.

What would you personally like to see the writers do with Tyler next season?

I want to see him try and investigate where this werewolf curse came from. We found out through Mason in the beginning of the season that it's a curse and it runs in the family and we found out how it's activated and that he needs to chain himself in a cellar once it comes. We found out he can't control it once the full moon hits. Now I want to go back - kind of how we have flashbacks to 1864 - and I'd like to see flashbacks to the original Lockwood's and how this curse came about, as well as how the werewolves handled it back then. I want to see the history of the werewolves and the werewolf curse within the Lockwood family.