EXCLUSIVE: Major Spoiler! April Lee Hernandez Says "I Don’t End Up on Dexter's Table"

On last night’s episode of Dexter, we saw the last we’re going to see of uniform cop, Cira Manzon (April Lee Hernandez) after the rookie cop stabbed her friend, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) in the back to get ahead in her career. Now that her recurring role on the hit Showtime drama has come to an end, Hernandez spoke to Latina.com about the great time she had working on Dexter, going salsa dancing with Lauren Velez, and why she's sort of disappointed that her character didn't end up chopped to pieces on Dexter's infamous table.

What was it like working on Dexter season 5?
I had a blast working on the show! I also think that based on the feedback from the fans, people have really enjoyed my character.

At first, your character, Cira seemed like a nice person, but then she backstabbed Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) in order to get ahead in her career. Why did she do that?
Most people are very upset at me for doing what I did, but it's the character, it's not me! It was interesting to get all of the Facebook comments. People are like, 'How could you do that?' But I don't think Cira and Deb were buddies. They were two women going for the same thing and sometimes in life, unfortunately people do what they do. [Laughs]

How did you like working with Lauren Velez?
I’ve always looked up to Lauren and when I found out I was going to work with her—you never know how people are going to be—but when I met her she just completely embraced me and then we just freaking fell in love with one another! She was very loving and nourishing with me so that was very special. We actually went to go dance salsa one night! It was just Lauren and her [husband] and my husband and I. She’s a very busy woman so whenever I get a chance to get a piece of her, I try to take advantage.

Is there any chance you'll be back on the show next season as a series regular?
I have no idea. Obviously I'm not dead, so that's always a good thing. I didn't land on Dexter's table! [Laughs] I think there's definitely an opportunity for me to come back.

Were you concerned you might end up on Dexter's table?
You know what, I think it would've been pretty cool because it's not often that women, especially a Latina, end up on his table. I would've definitely made a splash on that table (no pun intended). But the further in the story we got, I was like, ‘Ok, I think I'm safe.’