EXCLUSIVE: Lorraine from 'Quiero Mis Quinces' On Her Court-Less Party

Tonight on MTV Tr3s’ hit show, Quiero Mis Quinces, we meet Lorraine – a part-Puerto Rican, part-Cuban teenager whose quinces party marks the first in her family.

A fan of step dance and karate, the 15-year-old New Jersey teen decided to leave out some traditions from her nightclub-themed party, such as a court. As a surprise, Lorraine’s mami hired a celebrity choreographer to work with her on a step dance the teen planned to perform at her quinces. Lorraine also learned she would be allowed to have a novio at the stroke of midnight at her party. But will she take advantage of the new privilege?  

Lorraine spoke to Latina.com exclusively about her Quiero Mis Quinces episode, which airs tonight at 6 p.m. ET. Read our full interview with Lorraine, and make sure to check out her episode teaser video below!

You’re the first in your family to have a quinces celebration. How did that make you feel?  

It makes me feel very proud and special because my mom was so happy.

Why did you decide not to have a court? 

In my opinion, I feel that a court is boring. I was trying to stay away from traditional ways and be different and fun, just like my personality.

Are there any quinces traditions that you did include in your party?

Yes. I did do the father-daughter dance and walked in with the traditional white dress.

What was it like learning moves from a celebrity choreographer?

It was very new, different, and exciting all at once. I had to take it very seriously and she taught me so much. Remo (Jessica) is a great person and a great teacher.

Tell us about your step performance.

When I first got in front of my friends and family, I was definitely ready to break the floor. When my team and I started, the crowd was really impressed because they have never seen a performance like mine. I had to part from my innocent and nice side, and become this serious and rough girl during the step and my family and friends were surprised because they have never seen me like that before. It was a great performance and everyone loved it.

Tell us about your quinces dresses.

I had two dresses. My entrance dress was a white, traditional, puffy, fairy tale dress. I had a tiara on that was made in Spain. When I changed, I put on a dress that related more to my personality. It was my favorite color (blue) and it was the exact amount of puffiness I requested. It sparkled and showed off my personality. At first, I had sparkle heels on but then my mom gave me these really cute sparkle Vans sneakers that matched the dress perfectly so I changed into those a few minutes later.

Your parents said you could date after you celebrated your quinces. Did that make you nervous or excited at all? 

When my mom and stepdad told me I was able to date, I really didn’t care. Boys were really the last thing on my mind and they still are… I am more focused on my school, friends, and step team. I don’t plan on dating for a while. It really isn’t that important to me. It’s funny because I always wanted a boyfriend and now that I can, I really don’t want one.