EXCLUSIVE: Larry Hernandez on Larrymania Season 2 & Expecting a New Baby!

Congratulations are in order to you and Kenia who are expecting a second baby! Is it a boy or a girl?

We actually don’t know yet. Kenia recently gave me the date for the next scan, which is when we will find out the sex. The doctor will be using one of those new 4-D cameras where we will be able to see the baby in better detail. We are extremely excited to be having another baby and we just pray that he or she will be healthy.

One of the big themes of season two is whether or not you will propose to Kenia. Paparazzi have spotted you both looking at rings in recent months.  Does this mean it will finally happen?

That’s the big question for the season! All I can tell you is that something in regards to the question of matrimony is going to happen. If you want to know the answer you will have to tune in to Larrymania to see how it all plays out. 

Catch Larrymania on Mun2 August 18 at 9 pm EST.