EXCLUSIVE: Larry Hernandez on Larrymania Season 2 & Expecting a New Baby!

One of my favorite relationships on the show is the one you share with your two-year-old daughter Delayza. You had two sons before her, so how did having a daughter change your life?

I pray to God that my daughter will be a good girl! Yesterday she went to get her nails done and when she gets ready to go out she insists on picking out her outfits. She’s only two-years-old but she’s grown up in front of the cameras so it comes natural for her to pick up a microphone when we are shooting.  She wants to talk directly to the viewers watching “Larrymania.”

I can see many elements of my personality in her, especially my demanding side. If she says she wants braids, she has to have braids. If she decides she is wearing a dress today, it has to be so.  The more she has the spotlight on her; I think she will become even more demanding as she grows up. I feel sorry for the man who decides to marry her one-day! [laughs]

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