EXCLUSIVE: Larry Hernandez on Larrymania Season 2 & Expecting a New Baby!

You’ve always prided yourself on being a private person but now you have your life on full display via your reality show. Was this a tough decision for you to make?

The moment I agreed to allow cameras into my life for a reality show, I knew everything would change for me. I knew I needed to find a balance the moment that I decided I would put my children, and my life—just as it is, on display for everyone to witness. The response to season one was fantastic and I’m very grateful to everyone tuning in and supporting the show. I’m very happy with how it has all turned out.

Most realities shows have reality aspects to them but almost always have scripted elements to increase the levels of drama for the viewers. How much of Larrymania is real?

We don’t work like that on Larrymania. None of what you’re seeing on the show is scripted.

I know a lot of people question whether the relationship between your mother Manuela and your girlfriend Kenia really is as strained as we see it play out on the show.  Are you ever forced to pick sides?

My mom takes the whole idea of the woman preparing the family meals very seriously. This is why it bothers her that Kenia doesn’t know how to cook. She has tried to learn but my mom is a perfectionist and finds all the faults in her attempts. So their relationship as it plays out on the show is all-real. They don’t hate each other by any means but they do bicker just like many women in a mother/daughter-in-law situation. I mostly try to stay out of it and let them settle it on their own, or I side with whomever I feel is right.

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