Exclusive: Justina Machado Talks NBC’s ‘Welcome to the Family,’ Latinos on TV, & Puerto Rican Food

Tell us about your role on Fox’s animated show, Murder Police.

Her name is Rosa Sanchez and she the wife of Manuel Sanchez, who’s this bumbling cop. Basically it’s a bunch of cops who get everything wrong but at the end of the day they get it all right. I’m his ex-wife who’s this and I’m kind of one of those ambulance chasing lawyers. You don’t know really when she comes because she talks about her grandfather in Bolivia and somebody from Mexico, so she’s kind of all over the place. She has an accent, which is fun because it’s a cartoon. She’s just wacky. They all are really exaggerated characters and she’s one of them.

What do you do to maintain your Latina curves?

I can’t get rid of those curves even if I tried, unless I went under the knife. [laughs] When I was in my 20s I used to go crazy. I used to workout two or three hours a day like cycling, I was never anorexic, just picky. When I was in my 30s I’d go back and forth, now that I’m 41 I’m like whatever man! For the most part I just do a regular workout. I have a trainer and that’s about it! [Laughs]

OK, so lets talk about your favorite Boricua dishes.

I don’t eat Puerto Rican food in L.A because it’s just too much, too addicting, but I know how to cook so I can easily make it. I just choose not to because you never stop! I think my favorite would be pollo guisado con arroz blanco y habichuelas. I love tostones, I love maduros! I can eat rice and beans all day long! I’m a good rice and beans girl, I’m good with that!