EXCLUSIVE: Julie Zorrilla on her 'American Idol' Elimination: “I Feel Very Happy.”

We caught up with Colombiana Julie Zorrilla, season 10’s best dressed contestant, to talk about her elimination on last night's American Idol.

How are you feeling?

I feel very happy, honestly. I feel really fulfilled, really humbled and just honored to have been a part of such an incredible experience! I don’t feel like I'm walking away having lost anything. I've learned a lot and I'm taking back so many incredible experiences with me. 

Did you feel like you deserved to get a second chance at making the top 10 during the wild card round?

I would've loved to have had another shot to {prove} myself. I was going to sing "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado. But at the same time, everybody is so amazing and the girls that they picked are very talented people. So I was happy that they got another chance and made it through. 

Tell us about meeting Jennifer Lopez. Did she give you any advice along the way?

It was incredible to meet her. She is so stunning! She is an inspiration to a lot of Hispanic girls that are trying to make it in this business. The main thing that she said to me is that I needed to find a way to emotionally connect more to what I was singing and it's great feedback. It only makes you stronger and better as you go along. 

Since your first appearance on the show, a lot has been written about your personal style. Did you dress on the show the way you normally dress?

I am a fashion addict! I love fashion and shopping and dresses. I will be in a dress every day if I can - if it's sunny enough to wear them. I was very happy because a lot of people were asking me about the clothes and I was happy that people got to see my love for fashion as well.{Laughs}.

There has been a Latin invasion on this season of American Idol with you, Jovanny Barretto and Karen Rodriguez. Is that something the three of you talked about on the show?

Not really. It was just kind of a coincidence that all of us were there. It's great to see Latin Americans shining through and to see a lot to us represented in something as big as American Idol. I'm excited for Karen {Rodriguez}. She is an amazing, very talented girl and she has a monstrous voice. The first time I heard her sing, it totally blew me away. I think she'll do an amazing job of representing Latinos. 

Do you plan to continue to pursue a music career? 

Of course! Music is my whole life. Idol was never in the plan. I always knew that I'm going to make it. Everything is going to happen the way that it's supposed to happen. The most important thing for me was meeting everybody from Interscope and showing them what I can do. That has made this whole thing worth it. So it's been an incredible experience honestly and I'm rooting for everyone that has made it through, because they're extremely talented people. I'm happy that I got to be a part of it as long as I did.