EXCLUSIVE: Joselin from 'Quiero Mis Quinces' On Her Peacock Themed Party

Tonight on MTV Tr3s’ hit show, Quiero Mis Quinces, we meet Joselin – a part-Cuban, part-Puerto Rican teen whose entire quinceañera was driven by her peacock obsession!

The 15-year-old high school sophomore blended her love for the colorful bird – and dance – to plan the perfect party. Joselin was extremely busy during the weeks leading up to her party-planning, especially since she had numerous dance performances to rehearse for. It was also a rough time for her family, after Joselin’s uncle unexpectedly passed away. Because her uncle’s death was really close to Joselin’s party, it was uncertain for a time whether plans for her quinces would continue. After her madrina’s blessing, however, the teen continued on with her party plans and dedicated her performances to her uncle.

In a recent interview with Latina.com, Joselin told us via e-mail about her party, as well as her special bond with her late uncle. Joselin’s Quiero Mis Quinces episode airs tonight at 6 p.m. ET. Below, read our full interview with her – and check out a teaser video of the episode!

Tell us about your Quiero Mis Quinces episode!

Filming the show was lots of fun and actually helped me get my mind off of all the stress you'd typically experience the week before your quinces. My favorite scene to shoot was probably the scene in the zoo, where I got to chase around the peacock! 

You chose peacock as your theme. Tell us about that.

I dressed up as a peacock for Halloween during my freshman year and ever since then, became obsessed! I did some research on peacocks and found some pretty interesting facts – they’re known for their pride and are often called "show offs" when they display their beautiful feathers. As a dancer, I love to have all eyes on me. Not only do I think peacocks are absolutely gorgeous, but they also represent my personality.

How did your family and friends react when you told them about your theme?

My family loved the idea. When it came to my friends, it wasn't much of a surprise. I think they actually would have been more surprised if I chose any other theme. 

You’re a dancer. How did you use that in your party?

At the beginning of the entire planning process, I told my mom that I wanted my guests to feel like they were watching a show. There was entertainment all throughout the night.  I performed three dances with my VIP's (Very Important Peacocks) and had a father-daughter dance, a flamenco dance with my sister, a Lady Gaga-inspired hip-hop solo, and a mother-daughter dance.

You honored your uncle at your party. Why was that important to you?

We honored my Tio David at my party by dedicating all of the night's performances in his memory. It was really important to me to do this because he was such a strong male figure in my life and he truly was like a dad to me. As a child, he was my best friend and we had an incredibly close bond.

Tell us about your quinces dress.

My quinces gown was a gorgeous iridescent purple color that reflected a slight magenta in the light. It was strapless with a sweetheart neckline and the bodice was completely covered in bling, rhinestones and sequins. The bottom was a huge ball gown with lots of volume.

What was the best part about your quinces?

The entire night was so amazing and, though not everything went as originally planned, I still consider my night perfect.