EXCLUSIVE: JoAnna Garcia on Finding the Love of Her Life

On December 11th, 2010, JoAnna Garcia became JoAnna Garcia Swisher when she tied the knot with New York Yankees outfielder, Nick Swisher during a magical beach wedding in Palm Beach, Florida. In January, we caught up with the newly wed Cuban actress, 31, who told us she’s got big plans in store for her husband on Valentine’s Day

"Last Valentine’s Day, Nick filled our home with thousands of roses, literally" said JoAnna. “He went to the flowermart downtown and just packed it in — I couldn't even count how many!” she added. This year, JoAnna says she plans to return the favor by doing something special for him. "I've got my sights set on some good stuff," she said with a big smile, determined to keep her brilliant plans under wraps. “"I have something special planned for Nick."

JoAnna, who was previously engaged to Trace Ayala (Justin Timberlake's best friend and personal assistant), said Nick makes her happier than she ever thought she could be. "It still gets me emotional because I never thought that I would be in love like this," she explains. "I never thought that I would be so certain that I wanted to be married and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with somebody. We just really like each other a lot, we like being together."

The Better With You star, who says her wedding ring is on her finger "all the time,"  (and adds that “Nick wears it around his neck when he’s working, but otherwise it’s on his finger too”) says she wants to celebrate her relationship. "I’m in love!” JoAnna gushed. “I want to scream it from the mountain tops!"

And she hopes that her love story will inspire others to believe in love. "As protective as I am of that, I’m also not shy to say that, look, if my relationship can help inspire something in somebody, I'm honored," she said.