EXCLUSIVE: Javier Colon on Singing to His Kids Before Bedtime: “They Shush Me"

He's got one of the most beautiful voices in the world, but there are two young ladies who occasionally ask Javier Colon — the winner of NBC's hit singing competition, The Voice — to please stop singing: his daughters. But even Javier's adorable girls can't resist the beautiful runs in their father's voice for too long, which is why Javi says they can't go to sleep if they're not listening to an album of his music. 

We caught up with the talented singer to talk about his life-changing experience on The Voice, the Latino singer he'd most like to work with, and why he might also be interested in pursuing an acting career. 

We're thrilled that a Latino won The Voice. Congratulations!

That's right, baby! That's right. I appreciate the support from Latina magazine!

A guy who's half-Latino also won American Idol this year! What do you think about that?

We're taking over!

Tell us about your Latin background.

My mom is from Puerto Rico and my dad is from the Dominican Republic. I'm half and half. 

How has winning the show changed your life?

It has changed everything! I went from worrying about how I was going to pay my bills to knowing that things are not only provided for now, but the future looks bright and my career is finally headed in the right direction — and, in a direction that will give me the ability to support my family. 

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We know you and your coach, Adam Levine developed a great friendship on The Voice, but was he the coach you wanted to work with going into your first audition?

You know, I was leaning in Adam's direction or maybe Blake's direction. I wanted to kind of do something different. In my last record deal, I was labeled an R & B guy and I said, 'you know what, it'd be good to do something more on the pop side or maybe the country side.' But honestly, if just one person turned around, I would've been ecstatic! But I did have the option to choose and when it came down to it, it depended on the energy that I felt from the coaches. And Adam said all the right things. His body language told me how excited he was, and that's one of the reasons I went with him. Adam's my dude! I'm looking forward to getting back to L.A and hanging out and we're going to get in the studio and try and do some songs together. 

Have you taught your buddy Adam how cool it is to be Latin

{Laughs}. I haven't taken him to any good restaurants for Latino cuisine yet, but we're going to have to do that in the very near future!

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There were several Latino contestants on The Voice this season including Xenia, Raquel Castro and your fellow finalist, Vicci Martinez. Is that something you were all aware of while you were on the show?

Yes, absolutely. I spoke to Vicci yesterday and we talked about our Latin roots. And Xenia — bascially when I talked to her it would be in a mixture of English and Spanish. Her Spanish is way better than mine.

What Latino artist would you love to work with?

Somebody told me that Alejandro Sanz was tweeting about the show. I think he's amazing and I would love to do some stuff with him for sure!

Aside from singing, do you have any interest in acting?

Absolutely. I would love to. I was a music theater major my first year in college and I did a lot of shows and plays in high school, so that's definitely a part of me that I'd love to be able to explore — the film and television side of things. But first thing's first — I've got an album to make!

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When do you think the album will come out?

Mid-November is what we're shooting for.

Any chance you’ll record in Spanish?

I would love to! I wanted to do that with my first record situation. Latino people are just so faithful and loyal and they love good music and I'd love to be able to provide that for the Latino community around the world. It would be a wonderful thing to not just record a single in Spanish but to do an entire album in Spanish. 

We have to know: Do you sing to your kids before bedtime?

Yes! Lately I haven't been doing that because both of my daughters tell daddy to "shush"  because they're trying to sleep. {Laughs}. But what they do sometimes is, they like to actually go to sleep to my music. They have their own little players in their room and they like to put one of my albums or just a bunch of my songs on repeat, and that's what they fall asleep to. It's actually really cute that they wont go to bed without it!