Exclusive: Jamie-Lynn Sigler Embraces the Single Life

At 22, Sopranos and Entourage star Jamie-Lynn Sigler had it all—fame, love and money. Before she hit her mid-20s, she saw it all come down around her. Now, Jamie-Lynn is re-emerging, stronger and more successful than ever, and—though she still believes in marriage—is finding that the single life ain't that bad.

On being single:

"I feel like I'm living that youthful time that most people do in their early 20's. Nothing in my life—career wise or relationship wise—is set in stone. It's liberating."

On divorce:
"At 22, I thought I knew it all, so I feel like if I make a bold statement now, I'd look back and say 'Wow, I thought I knew it all at 27.' When I was 22, I felt I was ready to be married. But you sometimes grow apart and discover differences. It was unfortunate but I had to trust my decisions and learn from them...I'm still a romantic, and I still believe in marriage."

On a perfect girls' night out:

"We'll go to our favorite sushi restaurant, the to our best friend's bar to hang out and dance, then come home and order pizza. We come home alone, but we're happy."