EXCLUSIVE: Heather Hemmens Spills Details on the Zombie Episode of 'Hellcats'

The CW's hit series, Hellcats returns this week with the first of five all-new episodes. We caught up with Costa Rican actress Heather Hemmens, 22 — who plays badass Latina cheerleader Alice Verdura on the show — to get some exclusive spoilers!

Tell us about your Hellcats character, Alice.

Alice is kind of the villain of the show. She causes a lot of trouble and she always speaks her mind, even if it starts trouble with the other cheerleaders. She’s definitely someone who’s not afraid to go after exactly what she wants.

We hear that tomorrow night’s episode is all about zombies! What else can you tell us?

It’s a departure from what you’ve seen on Hellcats this season — in the episode, all of the Hellcats star as Zombie slayers in a short film. Alice kicks ass in the zombie episode! She’s part of a dance which is a cross between dance and martial arts and she has this little vignette that she does with double knives while she plays a zombie. Alice is a warrior as you would expect. She's ready to scrap at every moment and her part in the zombie film is really fun!

Don’t you have a background in martial arts?

I do! I think that’s why I had so much fun with that episode. I do a lot of work with knives and weapons so when they incorporated that into the episode I was happy. Hopefully we’re going to see more of that next year for Alice. I don't know how they're going to write it in, but I know they do want to use my martial arts a little bit. 

Is it fun for you to play a badass?

Every episode I'm excited to read what they’ve got my character doing and find different ways to deliver the dialogue. She's a very complex character so I try not to always play into just the bitchiness of it. I try to find her as a person, her vulnerability, and her realism. 

Can you give us any spoilers on what happens in the back five?

We’ve got a big Bob Fosse number coming up in the episode after the zombie episode. It is also revealed that Alice has a knack for journalism. She has a nature of curiosity. She gets information about stuff and she's the type of person that pursues it and follows up on it and likes to get to the bottom of things. She'll definitely still be cheerleading because that's her passion, but I think she's getting to a point where she's realizing that she can't do it as a career after college. She is going to need to find something that fits with her personality as a way to take care of herself, because her father's not going to support her forever. Also, in the last five episodes, we'll see the culmination of her trying to become captain and also trying to get Lewis (Robbie Jones) back. We're going to see some outcomes for both of these things. 

Tell us more!

Alice gets very jealous over the Lewis and Cathy relationship. And we see that nasty Cathy is really no match for nasty Alice — Alice definitely gets her way!

Hellcats still hasn't been renewed for a second season. Are you optimistic about the show's chances to return?

We're very, very optimistic. Things are looking really good. Just to have gotten this far is already a miracle, so we would be thrilled to be back.