EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Govan on 'Basketball Wives LA:' "It's Not Just Us Sitting Around Throwing Drinks At Each Other"

With Basketball Wives LA premiering tonight at 8/7c on VH1, we called up the show's half-Mexican star, Gloria Govan to find out if we can expect the show to be just as dramatic as the original Basketball Wives, which is set in Miami. And Govan, who is engaged to NBA player Matt Barnes, told us how the two shows, which both air on VH1, are different. 

"It's not just us sitting around throwing drinks at each other and fighting the entire time," Govan said, referring to half-Puerto Rican reality star, Evelyn Lozada's restaurant brawl with Royce Reed on season 3 of the Miami-set Basketball Wives. "We have altercations and we settle it like women...and then we keep it moving," said Govan. 

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Govan adds that unlike the original Basketball Wives, no one on her show will be designing t-shirts ala Evelyn Lozada. "No one's going to be making crazy t-shirts out of anything on the show," she says with a laugh. 

VH1 is billing Govan as the show's main character, so we asked the half-Mexicana (who's also half-African American), why Latinas often become the stars of reality shows. "We bring this fire, especially Puerto Ricans from New York," Gloria said. "Evelyn's kind of like that Brooklyn Puerto Rican that has that edge and fire."

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On Basketball Wives LA, Gloria shares the spoitlight with her sister and fellow cast member, Laura Govan—but she says there's no sibling rivalry between them. "We get along really well, so I wouldn't say by any means it casues drama," says Gloria. "We have an inside language because we've obviously known each other for so long. We have inside jokes and we understand each other's looks and laughs. it made it so much more fun," she says. 

That's not to say that Laura wont be having drama with other cast members. "She has confrontations, but she's a big girl," adds Govan. "She can handle herself." 

Are you excited for the premiere of Basketball Wives LA?