EXCLUSIVE: Gabriel Iglesias Thinks the Erik Estrada/George Lopez Feud is "Dumb"

Our television sets never looked so fluffy. Gabriel Iglesias, comedy’s self-proclaimed “Fluffy Guy,” has a new DVD out today titled Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution.

Culled from the comedian’s new Comedy Central show, the two disc set features new material by Iglesias, as well as outtakes and extended episodesfrom the show that premiered last month

Latino Comedians: Past, Present & Future

Currently in Norway on his European tour, the 35-year-old known for his high-pitched impersonations spoke to Latina.com about his favorite Latino comedian, the beef between George Lopez and Erik Estrada, and why he chose the ever-eclectic Ozomatli as his show’s house band.

Check out our interview with Iglesias below, as well as his “Hey It’s Fluffy” music video with Ozomatli below:

Your music video “Hey It’s Fluffy” is hilarious! What was it like working with Ozomatli. Why did you pick them to be your house band?

Everyone in the band is very, very cool. There are no jerks in the band—everybody’s just easygoing, no divas—any expectations that you have, they meet him. As far as picking them for the show, I wanted to have a band that was in the same vein as myself, with a Latin background but that had a broad shell. Their music is so broad; they play worldwide. They’re from the same neck of the woods as myself, so it made sense that we combine forces to do the show.

We notice you feature a lot of Latinos in your show Stand-Up Revolution. Why do you think that's important?

I think there’s a lot of people out there that are funny but who haven’t had the opportunity and probably won’t be given the opportunity unless somebody creates them. For me, it meant a lot to do that. I was able to put a lot of friends that helped me out along the way on TV.

You’ve impersonated your mother before in your stand-up material. How does she feel about it?

As long as the bills were paid, there was no problem with the impressions [Laughs].

You’re currently on your European tour. How does it feel to know you have fans all across the world?

It feels like things are finally going in the direction that I’ve wanted them to go in from the beginning. The plan was to perform as broad as possible and have the broadest audience I could have… and to see that happening is really, really great.

Who is your favorite Latino comedian?

I’d have to say Paul Rodriguez. Paul is one of the guys I saw early on that was an inspiration to me. Him and Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams, but definitely Paul.

One of the promos for Stand-Up Revolution features Erik Estrada with the theme song of George Lopez’s sitcom. Did you know about their feud?

Yea, I kind of know about that [Laughs]. I think its dumb, personally, and so does Erik. But Erik was a really good sport about doing the commercial and playing that up.

Check out Iglesias’ “Hey It’s Fluffy” music video below: