EXCLUSIVE: Evelyn Lozada on the New Season of 'Basketball Wives': “I Want to Kill Myself During Filming”

The trailer for the new season of VH1's hit show Basketball Wives looks positively CRAZY! And with so many new cliques, alliances, and an endless supply of backstabbing and betrayal, the show's Puerto Rican star Evelyn Lozada tells Latina.com that filming has never been this stressful. Read on to see what Evelyn told us about the new season, premiering Monday at 8 p.m (EST) on VH1!

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What can you tell us about the new season of Basketball Wives?

Um, that I want to kill myself right now during filming! No, I'm just joking {Laughs}. Can I just say this—people that do reality shows, every time they go into the next season, they say: 'Oh my God, this is the best season yet.' But I will say that because there are SO many different cliques now, that there's more drama and it's definitely been...it's probably the most intense season yet. 

Can you tell us who the cliques are this season?

I don't know if I can say that. People are wondering if me and {other people} are still friends, because you see stuff on Twitter, but you don't really know what's going on. 

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It's been reported that you are feuding with your former best friend, Jennifer on the show. Will we see that play out in the new season?

Oh yeah, you'll see everything play out. You'll see why we're having the issues that we're having—why we’re not friends.

You and Jen were really close. Is there a part of you that misses her or are you fine with it?

I’m fine with it. i just feel like she's been showing her true colors this season and I'm OK not being friends with her. I think people want to know what happened with me and Jennifer. People are surprised because when we ended last season, we were cool. I think they'll be surprised as to why...

Are you going to be calling anyone else a non-mother-f****** factor this season?

Nah, I'm tired of non-factor. I’m going to come up with something else to call them!