EXCLUSIVE: Eva la Rue on "Tripping on Zombie Drugs" for 'CSI: Miami' Halloween Episode

Things are going to get creepy on CSI: Miami’s October 31st episode and Latina.com caught up with part-boricua star, Eva La Rue for all of the exclusive, skin-crawling details. 
Is CSI: Miami doing a Halloween episode this season?
Yes, and it’s one of my favorite episodes! It’s particularly creepy and totally unlike any of the other CSI: Miami’s. It’s about a drug—which evidently is a real drug that’s akin to a zombie drug—and people trip out heavily on it. They see aliens and monsters chasing them and whatever their darkest fear is becomes realized in the middle of being on this drug. We find this guy who doesn’t know if he has killed somebody or if he killed himself—he’s in the middle of this humungous nightmare and my character Natalia ends up going undercover to figure out how it happened.

Does Natalia get into any trouble on the case?
I end up getting drugged and shooting at my coworkers and thinking that they’re my ex-husband trying to kill me! But my ex-husband is already dead. I’m tripped out in that episode. It was a blast! Anytime we get a chance to do anything other than being in the lab, it’s always fun.

Speaking of Halloween, what are you going to be this year?
I like being a ghoul. Every year I’m a different sort of ghoul, so this year I’m going to be a white ghostly ghoul, kind of a 1600’s ghostly ethereal looking ghoul. I’m excited!

Will you tune in for the CSI: Miami Halloween episode?