EXCLUSIVE: Eva La Rue Reveals the Other Stars Returning to 'All My Children'

Yesterday, TVGuide.com broke the news that Puerto Rican actress Eva La Rue will be reprising her role as Dr. Maria Santos Grey on ABC’s All My Children, beginning in July.

La Rue (CSI: Miami) played Maria Santos Grey on the long-running soap from 1993-1997—and again from 2002-2005—a role that earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress. In 2010, she temporarily reprised her role on the show for All My Children’s 40th anniversary.

The 44-year-old actress spoke exclusively to Latina.com about returning to AMC for the last time, told us which other AMC alums might be returning to Pine Valley, and dished on what’s coming up this summer for her character Maria Santos Grey.

Congratulations on returning to All My Children! Are you super excited about that?

I am! I’m so psyched! It’s a little bittersweet though, because there are still faces over there that I know, like Walt (Willey) Susan (Lucci), Rebecca (Budig), Alicia (Minshew) and Cameron (Mathison)— but there are so many new faces and a lot of people that I haven’t worked with before. I still watch the show at least twice a week, so I’m really, really excited to go back!

When do you start filming?


Do you know what your character Maria Santos Grey will be up to when she returns to Pine Valley?

I do know that I’m going to be involved with David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry), who’s my old arch-nemesis. He brought me back from the dead, but he’s always doing one good thing and then two bad things, so…

Will Edmund Grey (John Callahan) be back? Maria and Edmund were married like 19 times on the show!

Yeah, we were married AT LEAST 19 times, but remember he died! He was killed on camera. I tried to resuscitate him and he died right there on the table because of my bad doctoring skills {Laughs}. So he’s not going to be coming back—I don’t think. I know he’d like to come back and hang out too, but you know, many people have been dead and have come back. So I don’t know why they wouldn’t bring him back.

Exactly! Josh Duhamel’s character Leo du Pres died on the show in 2003, and they’re bringing him back…

Did Leo die? Ooh! I wonder if this has something to do with David Hayward then!

You’ve returned to AMC before (in 2002 and 2010). How is this time going to be different?

This time it’s different because there’s an actual end to it, which is heartbreaking. I remember I got a call from my manager that it was going off the air and I cried for about an hour. I saw Kelly Ripa about five weeks ago when I went out there to do the show and Kelly, Mark (Consuelos) and I all had dinner. We all started there—Mark played my brother and Kelly was my sister-in-law. We all grew up there, got married there, and we all had kids there. Kelly said she cried all day too when she found out. So I said to Kelly, ‘I really want to go back! I haven’t talked to them about it yet, but I’m going to have my manager call and tell them that I would really like to come back for as long as I can over the summer,’ and Kelly goes, ‘Are you really?’ And I said, ‘do you want to go back?’ And she goes, ‘I don’t know. Oh my gosh, I hadn’t thought about it.’ And now I just heard that she and Mark ARE kind of working on coming back for a few episodes!...It would be awesome!

What other AMC alums would you like to see return to the show?

I’d love to see Sydney Penny because she’s my sister. I’d love to see Thorsten Kaye and John Callahan.

A lot of fans really want to see your friend, Sarah Michelle Gellar reprise her role as Kendall Hart.

You know, that would be awesome too! Sarah and I are still really good friends, and Sarah watches the show—I don’t think she ever misses a show—she DVR’s it if she’s not watching it. She has always watched the show. She’s amazing! I don’t know how you can have her back on—Alicia has played her for so long, I don’t know if people even remember that Sarah did play her. But even if they did, how would they bring her back? Because she’s obviously not a twin, so I don’t know. She’d have to be a totally different character…I don’t know if Sarah wants to go back. She’s just content to be a fan I think.

Well, you should convince her to return!

I’ll text her when I get off the phone with you and tell her that Mark Consuelos is doing it and Josh Duhamel is doing it and see if that sways her at all. That would be amazing to see her return. Sarah and I both started on AMC the same week and we were roommates for two years. She started when she was 15, so she was like a little sister to me, but she’d grown up in New York and I didn’t know anybody in New York, so she and her mom took me under their wing and I was kind of their extra kid. We shared a extra-large dressing room. I'm going to cry for a long time when AMC goes off the air. I'm really, really going to be heartbroken.