EXCLUSIVE: Eva La Rue on the End of Soaps: "They're Being Replaced by Shows That Are Going to Get Canceled"

Puerto Rican actress Eva La Rue pretty much grew up on ABC’s All My Children, so we asked the CSI: Miami star—who is returning to the soap for its final stretch this summer—why she thinks daytime soaps (like AMC) are dying. Surprisingly enough, La Rue said it might have something to do with interest in tech-savvy TV shows, like the CSI series!

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"American audiences are very sophisticated," says La Rue. "They’re used to watching all kinds of high-tech shows, like CSI: Miami—shows that have got all of these great graphics and technology involved in the making, and I guess because the audiences are becoming more savvy, they don’t want to watch the older school looking daytime shows. AMC definitely has an old school look to it—it’s all on video, it’s all lower budget and they shoot it quickly,” she says.

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Still, La Rue says she's "heartbroken" to see so many soap operas come to an end. “It’s really sad because it’s like watching a black and white movie,” explains La Rue. “There’s a charm to it. I don’t know why it has to go off the air because of it.”

La Rue says she's going to "cry for a long time" when AMC officially goes off the air. What makes matters worse is that the shows that ABC has chosen to replace the long-running soaps—the one-hour daytime talk showsThe Revolution and The Cheware, in La Rue's opinion, destined to fail. "I know they have all of these different talk shows that they’re all excited to put on the air," says La Rue. "But I can’t imagine more than one of them making it. I don’t think anybody’s going to really care."

She adds: "I'm sure they’ll come and go and come and go, so that’s what kind of makes me sadder about it—I'm sure AMC and One Life to Live are being replaced by shows that are going to get canceled, so why do it?”

La Rue says that "AMC is an iconic show," and adds that she's concerned about the entire landscape of daytime television. "I don't know how the landscape of daytime will survive consistently without these soaps," she says. "It was One Life to Live, General Hospital, All My Children, and Oprah—that’s the way it was for decades," Eva points out. "Now I think it’s jut going to be a revolving door of shows that nobody’s ever really attached to."