EXCLUSIVE: Edgar Ramirez on Golden Globe Nomination: "This is for Venezuela & Latinos All Over the World!"

This morning, Venezuelan actor, Edgar Ramirez received a well-deserved Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV  (his first) for his extraordinary performance in the five and a half hour-long movie, Carlos. We called up Ramirez to get the inside scoop on where he was when he found out about his nomination, why it's an important one for Latinos, and the beautiful Colombian actress that he says is going to help him represent for Latinos at this year's Golden Globes. 

You must be feeling really good right about now...

[Laughs] Yes, I am! Thank you!

Where were you when you heard the news?

I didn't watch it on TV. I was in bed dreaming about many different things, and I was woken up by a phone call from my manager. When I heard the phone, I thought, 'OK, if they're calling me it's probably because I got it.' I was in shock. I still am. I thank God. I'm really happy!

So you weren't expecting to be nominated at all? 

I was wishing for it! There were people who would tell me that they were rooting for me, and critics that have been so supportive. But you never know. Those are the kinds of things that you don’t believe until they happen. I just tried to let myself be surprised and it was a great surprise.  I'm talking about it, and it still feels surreal.

What's it like being nominated in the same category as Al Pacino?

It's a dream and such an honor! The next thing I found out, after finding out that I was nominated, was that Al Pacino was nominated in the same category—and then I was really shocked. I'm a huge, huge fan. He's one of the reasons I wanted to be an actor, so you can imagine. 

You were recently named the Runner-Up for Best Actor by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, behind this year's Oscar frontrunner, Colin Firth. Does that mean that you're eligible to compete for Best Actor at this year's Oscars?

The thing is that this movie was financed by Canal PLUS, which is a very important television network in Europe and in France especially. It’s similar to HBO here.  So they financed the movie and the same day that the movie premiered at Cannes, it was broadcast on Canal Cruz in France— and that immediately disqualified the movie for the Oscars. The Oscar rule is that whenever any movie or piece of material is broadcast on television anywhere in the world, it’s disqualified for the Oscar.

Why is your nomination for Best Actor an important nomination for Latinos?

Because it shows how present we are within the industry and all over the world. Latino talent is a reality all over the world and the contributions that we can make to the world of the arts and entertainment is a reality. Over the last few years, [Latinos] have stopped being an exotic thing and many people are eager to see what's going to come from our community. I feel very proud to be contributing. 

Are you dedicating this nomination to Venezuela?

This nomination is for my country and my region, and all of the Latinos all over the world! 

Speaking of Latinos, are you happy to see Sofia Vergara nominated for Best Supporting Actress?

I'm very happy for her. I was so happy when she got nominated for the Emmy, too. I felt so proud. I feel like she totally deserves it and is doing an amazing job. And now that we're both nominated, I couldn't be happier. I'm very happy to represent for Latinos with Sofia at this year's Golden Globes.