EXCLUSIVE: Dayana Mendoza Reacts to Getting Fired on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Dayana Mendoza may have been holding it down for Latinas on Celebrity Apprentice, but the former Miss Universe is the latest contestant to hear Donald Trump's infamous words, “You’re Fired” on last night’s NBC show. Mendoza’s team struggled with the challenge of coming up with a jingle for the club, Good Sam. 

The team consisting of Clay Aiken and (Mendoza’s self-proclaimed nemesis) Lisa Lampanelli spoke poorly of the Venezuelan model’s performance at the boardroom. The American Idol graduate Aiken said, “It was like the blind leading the seeing,” while the sharp-tongued comedian Lampanelli said, “With all due respect, there’s nothing going on up there.

Despite Mendoza putting up with a few verbal punches and racial slurs from Lampanelli, she still remained positive about supporting the Latino Commission on AIDS. We spoke to Mendoza exclusively about what she was feeling in the boardroom the day she was fired.

"At that point I was tired. Mentally I was drained. It was exhausting working with people who didn't want to work with me," Mendoza told us.

However, the Venezuelan beauty wasn't going down without a fight. "That's why I stepped it up as project manager," she said. "They were going to try and take me down, but it didn't really phase me. I knew it was going to be my time to go."

Despite being eliminated, Mendoza is glad she was able to support such an important cause and build on her future projects (although she is staying mum about them for now). "My life is great. I'm very thankful to God, all of my loved ones, and fans. I'm the luckiest girl in freaking America right now!"