EXCLUSIVE: David Archuleta on J.Lo: "She Will Know if Someone Can do Better"

From his very first audition on American Idol through the end of season 7, it was smooth sailing for David Archuleta, who finished as the show's runner-up. Would David fare as well if he were to audition for season 10 of the reality competition with new Idol judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler

We asked the 19-year-old Utah native if he would've been intimidated to audition for J.Lo—like so many contestants this season have been.

"I don’t know," said Archuleta with a laugh. "When I walked into that room and saw Simon, Randy and Paula, it seemed kind of like a dream," he recalls. "I wasn’t really thinking or feeling anything. It was all cloudy and blurry."

"So I think no matter what, I would have left my brain at the door."

But even though David says who was judging the competition wouldn’t have made a difference for him, the singer had nothing but positive things to say about Lopez.

“I think she’s very experienced," said Archuleta. "She’s been through a lot and she’s a hard worker, so she’ll be able to relate to people, but she’ll also be able to know if someone can do better."