EXCLUSIVE: Dascha Polanco Talks About Her Role on Netflix’s ‘Orange is the New Black’

What has the response been like to the show? All we have seen are raves, which must be pretty exciting. Are you getting recognized?

Yes, sometimes. Walking out of my house, neighbors are now noticing me. And I’m just like, ‘I’ve been your neighbor for years!’ But until that happened, it didn’t cross my mind one bit. But the response has been really positive. It’s super humbling. The other day a 70-year-old lady walking her dog stopped me on the street telling me how much she loved the show. And on one hand, I’m like ‘Aw, thank you!’ On the other, I’m like, ‘Would I want my grandmother to be watching this?’ [laughs] It’s really unbelievable.

Are you filming season 2? Can you tell us what’s in store?

We have started filming, it’s happening. But I have no idea what’s happening, at the same time! I’m waiting for the script going, where is it? What’s going on? We don’t have access until we’re actually about to begin our scenes. It’s crazy.

You’re engaged and a mother, correct?

I am a mother. YES! I have three beautiful children. And I have a fiancé. He caught me quick. [laughs]

How did you and your fiancé meet?

Omigosh, are you ready? We met at 191st and Saint Nicholas Avenue on the day of the Dominican parade. I commented on his freckles. 

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