EXCLUSIVE: Daniel from 'Quiero Mis Quinces' On Sports Theme & His Party's Cheerleader 'Damas'

Tonight on MTV Tr3s’ hit show, Quiero Mis Quinces, we meet Daniel – a Mexican American Houston native teen whose decided he wanted a quinces celebration of his own after seeing how much attention his family members received from theirs.

So what was the 15-year-old’s quinces party centered on? Sports. The theme was a no-brainer for Daniel, who is the starting middle linebacker of his high school’s freshman A-Team.

While planning his quinces, Daniel clashed a bit with his mami, whose party ideas seemed too “girly” for him. Still, the teen athlete’s quinces ended up with a scoreboard backdrop, football field dance floor, and cheerleader damas. You read correctly.

As the only male in this season of Quiero Mis Quinces, read what Daniel had to share with Latina.com about his special day. His episode airs tonight at 6 p.m. ET.

(Don't forget to watch the teaser video below the interview!)

What made you decide you wanted a quinces? Were you afraid of how your friends would react?

I liked all the attention my family was getting from having theirs, plus I was standing in other people’s quinces, so I figured why not have one myself? Not really, because my friends were going to show up anyways.

What was the biggest challenge in planning your quinces?

Getting the presentation planned out right. Making sure everyone was on time and going with the beat was also pretty challenging.

Tell us about your mom’s girly quinces ideas. Did you butt heads with her during the party planning? If so, how?

Most of her “girly” ideas ended up being in it [Daniel’s quinces party]. Originally, I just wanted to have a DJ, limo, and a hall. My view of girly stuff were the pre-party photos and the presentation.

Do you think this experience has helped you understand girls more? If so, in what way?

I honestly think it did. I now understand how they get frustrated over the smallest things; I tried so hard to be myself even when things weren’t going right and when it seemed like everything was going to be good, something tiny goes wrong and you explode. Before I used to be like “Why you trippin’? I mean it’s something small,” but now I fully understand. I still don’t understand a lot of things though – someone help me? [Laughs]

Tell us about your quinces outfit.

Throughout the day of the party, I wore a white tuxedo jacket with a plain black t-shirt and some all-black jeans. When the party started, I wore my fully customized football jersey with some blue jeans and Air Force 1’s.

Tell us more about your cheerleader damas – did they actually cheer for you?

My cheerleader damas were awesome. Two of them were actually former cheerleaders, while the others were close friends. The cheer was real… I honestly didn’t know about it until it happened.

Did you have a date?

No, I didn’t have a date. I’m single. I’d rather keep it that way until someone real comes along. 

What was the best part of your quinces?

The best part of my quinces was the part where I got to hang out with my family and friends. Oh, and the all-night-long partying – can’t forget about that.

Check out the teaser video of Daniel’s Quiero Mis Quinces episode below: