EXCLUSIVE: Cote de Pablo on Tonight's 'NCIS': "One of the Main Characters Gets Critically Injured"

Chilean actress Cote de Pablo recently dished exclusively to Latina.com about a pair of explosive episodes coming up on her hit show, NCIS (Nov. 16 and Nov. 23 on CBS). The first airs tonight and de Pablo sent us some more juicy spoilers about the long-awaited episodes.

After telling us last week that the two-parter will feature a reunion of sorts between Ziva and her father, Mossad Director, Eli David (Michael Nouri)—de Pablo now reveals that fans might get to see some resolution between Ziva and Eli in tonight’s episode. “People will have to watch to see exactly how, but maybe there will be an unspoken forgiveness between father and daughter,” teases de Pablo.

De Pablo confirms that regardless of the outcome, the episode will change Ziva in a major way and “affects her relationship with her father.” De Pablo also reveals that one NCIS team member will save another team member in the episode, but because the details are top secret, she adds, “That’s ALL that we can say.”

Cote confirmed what NCIS fans have known for weeks: A team member will get hurt in the two-parter. “Yes, one of the main characters does get critically injured and it will be discussed further later on in the season,” says de Pablo.