EXCLUSIVE: Constance Marie Dishes on the New Season of 'Switched at Birth'

Constance Marie is back on TV with the second season of her hit ABC Family drama Switched at Birth, which premieres tonight at 8 p.m. (EST). The 46 year-old Mexican-American actress returns as Regina Vasquez, a single mother who is co-parenting her biological daughter (Bay) as well as the daughter she raised (Daphne) who happen to have been mixed up in the hospital at birth. Marie spoke exclusively to Latina.com about what we can expect in season two, and how she brings her sexy game to her character.

What was it like returning to the story of Switched at Birth?

It was like we never stopped. The good thing about our show is the storylines keep evolving, but the core is the same. We were very much dealing with the fact that Daphne/Bay’s father, played by Gilles Marini, came back and it directly picked up right there.

What can we expect in season two?

In this season, I get to know my biological daughter, the Bay character, and the things we have that are similar like our artistic side, our creative side. We get to explore all of that, which is really awesome. Finally, I get to do scenes with Vanessa Marano, who is so talented.

What is it like playing the mother of two teenage girls?

Well it’s really amazing because, when I did the movie Selena, I played Jennifer Lopez’s mom. I played Selena’s mom. I was only a couple years older than her. The thing that I realized is no matter how old your child becomes or is, they will always be your baby. I in real life have a 2 and a half year old daughter, so when I go to work, I can totally use my imagination and think ‘Oh My Gosh, my daughter will be this old some day.’ We’ll be able to hang out and shop together and we’ll get into fights and it’s so cute, my daughter knows sign language now so maybe we can even have a fight in sign language!

You play a single mother. Is your character going to get a love interest this season?

Well let me tell you, I’ve been an actress for 25 years, give or take. I have never been asked to be as sexy as this Regina character. I mean, and I’m over 40! I’ve never been asked to do so much sexy, flirty stuff in all this time. It’s like, why did everybody wait until I was 40 to bring my sexy game? I’ll be honest. I don’t think I’m as sexy as Regina is. There’s some acting involved with that. I am over 40. I do have to work harder to keep my body in shape. I had to do a flirting scene and I was like ‘Oh my God I forgot how to do this!’ I had to practice. All I’ll say is Regina gets a lot of practice!