EXCLUSIVE: Chiquis Dishes on 'I Love Jenni': "It's More Like the Kardashians"

We caught up with Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Janney “Chiquis” Marin to get all the inside scoop on the new season of her family's mun2 hit reality show, I Love Jenni. Chiquis dished on everything from why the show changed its name after season 1, to why Raq-C won't be back for season 2 and gave us spoilers on the nakedness and drama we can expect to see when the show premieres this Saturday, March 5th at 2 p.m. on mun2

Season 2 of your hit reality show has been retitled “I Love Jenni.” Tell us why the name of the show was changed.

The name of the show is changing because it focuses more on Jenni, on what she’s doing with her life – and us! It's more of a personal, family oriented show now, so the name had to change. Honestly, the viewers wanted to see more of our family and we have to give the viewers what they want!

So Raq-C won’t be back at all?

No, she won’t. We’re still good friends. I mean, we still talk and everything. It's just that she's so busy in her life now that she has a morning radio [show], that it just wasn't going to work out with the way we were planning on doing things this season. We had to do what we had to do.

When we first interviewed you, Jenni said she was only doing the show for you and that she saw her role as more as an executive producer, rather than a star. What made her decide to become the star of the show?

What happened was that all of the comments on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace and all of that - people wanted to see more of the family. I’m not sure if its to say they enjoyed watching the family more and our little, crazy life – but that’s what they were asking for and I think that’s what ultimately brought on the idea of making it just a family reality show.

The first season was marketed as "The Hills for Latinas." How will this season be different?

Chiquis and Raq-C was focused on two young Latinas growing up in L.A. and our adventures in life. if I had to compare this season to any other reality show out there – which I really don’t like to do because we are so different and so unique – I would probably say it's more like the Kardashians. My mom is married now and [her husband] Esteban [Loaiza] is a big part of the show. You're going to see a lot of our family; how we party, so many things. It's a lot of fun!

Tell us about your mom and Esteban, what's their dynamic like on the show as a couple!

My mom is a very strong woman and she needs someone to balance her out. Esteban is a very peaceful, very easygoing type of dude. He’s the greatest addition to the family because he lets my mom be who she is. If she's in a bad mood, he just steps back. He's such a confident man that he just says, "OK, you'll get over it and I'm just going to chill right here and when you're happy, you come and talk to me." Esteban has definitely brought a lot of stability into our household, which is great.

Would you say the new season has a fair amount of drama?

It has a little bit of everything! It's emotional, there is drama, it's a lot about love. You will see that we are very open and that in our household there is nothing we can't talk about. My mom is a very open mother, so if I'm walking out the door, she's like, "OK, go have fun, but don't come back pregnant. Use a condom." We talk about so much stuff and maybe people will criticize, but the truth is the truth and I think if you have an open relationship and you show that to America, it can really help out a lot of families and that's important. There are naked scenes as well. It's going to be pretty crazy. Not me, personally...well, maybe just a little bit. [Laughs] I think the show is awesome because it's different - we're not trying to be skinny little people. We are big, we eat and this is us! It's as raw as it gets.

What will we be seeing you doing on the show?

I’m in a different transition in my life right now. You’re going to see more of Chiquis as the daughter. On the first season, I was more of the businesswoman. Now that my mom is married, things have changed in the house. I'm still working, but I'm also just enjoying myself as a 25-year-old more. I didn't have that chance so much before my mom was married because I was her right hand and I was so busy and so consumed with the household and the kids. Now that she's married, I get to actually be a 25-year-old young lady. I have a huge crush on someone right now, so you guys will see that. I'm 25 and enjoying my youth!

Give us a spoiler that we can look forward to in Saturday's premiere!

There’s one from the first episode where you'll be able to see my mom taking her first acting class and it's hilarious. Her inner chola comes out – people can’t miss it!

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