EXCLUSIVE: Chastity from 'Quiero Mis Quinces' On Sharing the Spotlight

Every Monday night, Quiero Mis Quince on MTV Tr3s introduces us to teenagers who are pulling all of the stops to have the best party of their lives. But Chastity, who was featured in last night’s episode, reminded us that sometimes we are happier when we share the spotlight. She spoke to Latina.com about allowing her mother a time to shine and how she dealt with the recent death of her uncle Santos.

Read our exclusive interview with Chastity below.

Your mom didn’t have a quinceañera growing up. How was planning the party with her?

Since my mom didn’t get to have her quince, we share the same story. Her uncle passed away, and my uncle passed away a month before the party. My uncle ended up passing on December 30th but he said that he still wanted the party to go on.

How was that experience for you?

My mom asked him before, and he said he still wanted the quince party. He said I deserved it, and he did not want us to stop [planning].

Was there anything during the party that made you think about your uncle?

I dedicated one of the candles to him [Santos], my other uncle [Samuel], and my aunt Rosa, who all passed away. My aunt passed away in the summer.  We told her about [the party], and she was very excited for it, but she wasn’t able to come.

How would you say your quinceañera is different from others we’ve seen?

Probably in how our family is really close because we have people coming from Brazil and Puerto Rico just to be at my quince. We have a really close family.

What do you think that says about you?

That family comes before anything else.

What were some of the compromises you had to make with your mom or dad?

My mom! My mom wanted to be a big part of this and be as involved as she could.  I had to say, ‘If you want to do this, then I can have that.’ But we both got what we wanted.

Is there something that she really wanted?

She wanted her own solo dance that I thought wasn’t really necessary for her. She wanted her own entrance, her spotlight. Since she didn’t really have hers, she didn’t know the feeling of having all eyes on her at a party.  It was great seeing her have her dance and how happy she was. It made me feel better. She ended up dancing bachata with my dad.

I reality your dad had two quinceañeras. How did he feel?

My dad is a laidback person, and he told me from the beginning, ‘You know your mom, if you want to go with this, go right ahead. But you know she’s going to come up with little obstacles for you.’ And throughout the whole thing, she did.

Did you get mad at her?

No, I know she wasn’t doing it just to steal the spotlight. She was doing it because she’s never had the feeling. So I was willing to share it. I’m not a spoiled kid.

What do you think of the other people who have been featured on QMQ?

They act spoiled. I’m not that type of kid that says ‘I want this and that.’  I kind of feel uncomfortable.  And the talking back to my mother, I would not dare. That would not go down.

In what area of your party were you willing to splurge?

Probably, the dress. I didn’t want a dress that you would see in the store. I wanted something different, something me. So my mom found a lady to make it, but when we got [the dress], it really wasn’t made the right way. We had to spend more money to get it fixed. It was done all over again. So, I think that was the biggest deal.

In hindsight, how do you feel about your party?

It was an amazing experience. The feeling I had, you just want to scream into the pillow. It’s hard to describe it. I was really grateful. I was really energetic. You know with something exciting, you just want to scream and jump up and down. You just want to people to know.

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