EXCLUSIVE: Bernardo Saracino Unleashes Demon on “Midnight, Texas”

Courtesy of NBC

Bernardo Saracino’s character Chuy Strong made waves Monday night when his demonic past was revealed on NBC’s “Midnight, Texas,” but what does it all mean to his supernatural friends who call Midnight their home? And how will this affect Chuy’s relationship with husband/fallen angel Joe, played by former “Sex and the City” star Jason Lewis?

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The New Mexico native admits that his character’s secret has been a “burden he’s had to live with for centuries, ” but he’s hopeful that it’ll bring them all closer together. Now with the ancient prophecy that Joe can’t stop from talking lingering, does this leave everyone in danger?

“That was a tough secret for Chuy and Joe to keep from their neighbors,” Saracino told us. “Coming out to his Midnight family brings them closer as a community. Chuy would never bring any danger to his neighbors; he loves them. It is his connection to love that keeps the demon at bay. And it was because of love that he risked everything to save Joe from Bowie [Breeda Wool] knowing that he was running the danger of staying a demon forever or even being exterminated. He was ready to risk his life for him, but luckily things didn’t go that far this time.

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As far as the prophecy is concerned, Joe is aware that it involves a stranger appearing to potentially lead a group to stop the horrors of what will happen if a portal to hell opens up. Manfred [Francois Arnaud] appeared coincidentally and unexpectedly as both human and supernatural evil were on the rise in Midnight. Joe believes in Manfred and most certainly believes in the goodness of the residents of Midnight and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.” 

With only three episodes left, there is so much that can still go down on the series based on the Charlaine Harris [“True Blood] novels of the same name. Although Saracino can’t give away and big plot points, he admits we do learn more about the prophecy.

“Episode seven ended with Chuy saying he could no longer fight the pull coming from the opening of the portal. The Midnighters will have to come together by any means necessary to try to stop it,” he said. “Hopefully we can delve into that more if the show gets renewed for a second season. I’d also love f0r audiences to learn more about Joe and Chuy. They've been around for quite a while so I think flashbacks to past adventures they've had and people they've known throughout time would be awesome.”

The Latino community still has a lot of taboos about the LGBTQ community, so it’s been an exciting role for Saracino to portray on TV. He accepted the position because he knows the importance of representation of all minorities in the media.

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“It's very humbling to play Chuy,” he said. “We exist in a world where film and TV are mediums that shape people's world views. A lot of us grow up being isolated from other people/cultures etc. so playing Chuy means that he is welcomed in other people's lives when they watch. He can help shape the way people see the world and change perceptions. I hope that people will look at Chuy as a good man who is in love. Ethnicity and who he loves is irrelevant.”

As much fun as he’s been having to play one-half of summer TV’s hottest new couple, he’s a little less forthcoming about what it’s like to lock lips with Lewis.

“Jason and I are really good friends, so it’s just another day at work,” he explained. But for the record, his breath is always fresh.” 

“Midnight, Texas” will air new episodes on September 11 and September 13 at 10 pm due to Hurricane Harvey Telethon airing on September 12. The season one finale airs Monday, September 18 at 10 pm.