EXCLUSIVE: ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada on Tami Roman: "We Have an Ike and Tina Turner Relationship”

Evelyn Lozada is a drama queen. We all know that. In fact, that's why we love her! But sometimes the boricua reality star gets heated and says things that she doesn't mean. In last season's finale of Basketball Wives, Evelyn revealed that she had slept with fellow cast-mate Tami Roman's husband and during a heated argument with Tami, Evelyn called her "A non-mother******* factor." The fight, which led to an impromptu Evelyn and Tami boxing match, gave fans of the hit show the impression that Evelyn hates Tami (and vice-versa), but Evelyn says that couldn't be further from the truth. 

On Friday, Evelyn and her fiancé Chad Ochocinco held their engagement party on a yacht in Miami (the two plan to tie the knot next summer), and she says Tami, believe it or not, was on the guest list for the party. “This is the thing," Evelyn says, "Me and Tami, we have very, very strong personalities — and I know we had issues last season — but aside from that I genuinely like her and I know we like each other. We always say we have an Ike and Tina Turner relationship {Laughs}. Like, we like each other, we love each other, but when it goes bad, it goes bad!”

Still, there are a few girls from the Basketball Wives cast that weren’t invited to Evelyn’s celebration at sea. “Royce is not invited,” {Laughs}. “Susie is not invited,” Evelyn says. 

Evelyn, 35, admits she's always been sort of a drama queen and she understands that her personality can be seen as "controversial" to some. But she also tells us she's not losing any sleep over what people think of her. "When you sign on to do something like this, everybody is going to have an opinion on your life. And trust me, my skin is so thick," she says. "I don't really change for the camera. I'm the same person on-camera as I am off-camera."

According to Evelyn, the same can't be said for many of her castmates. “I can see sometimes when that camera goes on the change in certain people, and I'm like, 'listen this is what it is, you either love me or you hate me, this is just what it is.”

She says some of her cast mates like to act while the cameras are rolling. “For example, we filmed the reunion and Royce was on the reunion, and she was talking all this smack — like my mother says, ‘she was talking all this caca” {Laughs}. "She was like a whole other person, and I don’t know if management told her ‘hey listen, this is your last chance for you to really make yourself relevant' — because on season 2 they were looking to replace her,” adds Evelyn.

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