EXCLUSIVE: Ana de la Reguera Explains Why “Eastbound & Down” Shot in Puerto Rico: “Production Was Afraid of Mexico.”

Mexican telenovela star Ana de la Reguera stars on the second season of HBO’s hit comedy Eastbound & Down. The sweet and talented actress spoke to Latina.com about depicting Mexico in Puerto Rico, whether her character Vida really likes Kenny Powers, and why she enjoys playing unscrupulous characters.

This season of Eastbound & Down is set in Mexico but the show filmed in Puerto Rico. Why is that?

They really wanted to shoot in Mexico but production was afraid of it being dangerous.  I thought it was sad. But the casting director and the art department did a great job because you can’t really see that you’re not in Mexico!

Have you been to Mexico lately?

I just came back yesterday. There was a very bad category 4 hurricane in my hometown of Veracruz and the whole state was devastated. I was there for 3 weeks to help. But the situation is not easy right now.

Tell us about your Eastbound & Down character, Vida.

I play a singer in a bar. I’m a very sexy, outgoing, crazy kind of girl. Kenny (Danny McBride) finds me attractive and thinks we have a connection right away. I become his love interest.

What attracted you to this role?

It’s not very common that I play a character that doesn’t take herself that seriously. It’s fun as an actor to play something that’s wild and different. Everyone has something inside of them—like I have something inside of me maybe—that’s like Vida.  She’s crazy and outgoing and she likes to dance. She doesn’t care about anything. She’s not very responsible. She doesn’t have too many, como... principios (principles). Pretty much every character has more morals than she does. That’s not who I am so it was fun to play that.

Is Vida really into Kenny or is she just using him?

You’re going in the right direction. I think in the beginning she’s just having fun and she has a kid so she’s not taking anything seriously with this guy. She likes him, but he’s not the man of her dreams yet.

Did you have fun working on the show?

I had the best time of my life. We shot in Puerto Rico for 2 months. I had fun on set because those guys are very fun and humble and really easy to work with. At the same time, because I’m not in every scene I had free time so I was able to really enjoy the city and get to see Puerto Rican culture. It was like a vacation for me. {Laughs}.