EXCLUSIVE: Alina & Emily From 'Quiero Mis Quinces' on Planning Your Fiesta Like a Pro

The dresses are ready and the royal invitations are out! One of our favorite reality shows, Quiero Mis Quinces is back for a royal premiere tonight at 7pm ET on MTV Tr3s. We chatted with the two chicas kicking off the premiere, Emily & Alina to find out their tips on planning your fiesta like a pro and dealing with emotional meltdowns below:

Congrats on your quinces! What part of planning the party meant the most to you?

Emily: "I loved my dances. I'm a dancer so we practiced two performances. I did a tango and a solo. I reheasred pretty much every week and I wanted to make sure it was super perfect because dancing is my life. There's nothing in this world I rather do so hat was one of the most important parts to my planning."

Alina: "I think it was the music video. That ties in everything that I love to do. I love to broadcast, dance, and be around my friends and family. I think that was the fun. Everyone came together to do this for me and I felt very thankful for them."

Did you guys ever clash with your mothers and how did you deal with that?

Emily: "My relationship with my mom was on and off throughout planning the party. I would say one thing and she would say another thing. It was hard to come to an agreement on certain topics like my dress and venue. We eventually agreed on certain things and talked about it so that made us feel closer. She feels like I'm becoming more mature and I'm able to make my own decisions."

Alina: "I did. We clashed mainly about my dress, the design, and the dresses my damas were going to be wearing, but I think it's important to voice what matters to you and hopefully they eventually accept it."

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What's your best memory of the party?

Alina: "The best part was having everyone come together and celebrating this special day with me. Most of my family lives in San Jose, which is two hours away so to have them drive all the way to my party, and having my cousins from Mexico there meant a lot to me."

Emily: "For me to go out there and show all of my friends and family to prove to them that dancing is what I love to do was the best memory. This was my chance to expose myself as the dance that I want to be."

What advice would you give to other girls planning their quince?

Alina: "I would advise to choose your court wisely and pick people you can trust. You need people that won't flake on you or show up to practices late. You need a support system and only your true friends can offer that. Especially sometimes you are going to breakdown because you are so stressed out so you need the right people by your side."

Emily: "Have an open mind. To be close-minded when it comes to things like picking your dress, you can't really expect everything to come out your way because you never know what's out there. If you say, 'oh I want this type of dress in this color' before looking around then you may overlook a bunch of beautiful dresses that can work for you."

Watch teaser clips of Emily & Alina on Quiero Mis Quinces below and let us know what you think!