EXCLUSIVE: Alexis from ‘Quiero Mis Quinces’ On Her Zebra Theme & Much Older Chambelan!

Tonight on MTV Tr3s’ hit show, Quiero Mis Quinces, we meet Alexis – a Mexican American 15-year-old whose plans for her quinces included a non-traditional white dress and zebra theme. A what? You read right!

For the New York teen, planning a quinces was one of the most stressful times of her life; Alexis had no time to relax or hang out with friends during the summer. Among the challenges faced by Alexis were her zebra theme and the fact that she didn’t want a court – considered a tradition in Mexican-held quinces. Both her wishes for her funky, striped theme and exclusion of a court were met with much displeasure from her family. To top it off, Alexis had a much older chambelan – in his 30s to be exact.

So how exactly did Alexis’ quinces turn out? You can check out the episode tonight on MTV Tr3s at 6 p.m. ET. Alexis shared her quinces experience exclusively with Latina.com recently – here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about your episode on Quiero Mis Quinces.

My Quiero Mis Quinces episode is something unique – just the way me and my quinces were. While other girls are watching this, they will see what planning a quince is really all about and all the challenges they will face, but it will also show them that at the end, its all worth it.

You decided to not have a court in your quinces. Why not?

At first, I did want to have a small court, but not all 15 people, maybe just 6 people; 2 girls, 2 boys and then me and my main chambelan. But I decided not to because, to be honest, I wanted all the attention focused on me that night. And you know how it goes, everyone is great except for that one person who forgets everything and they don’t know what they’re doing. Now they have all the attention. That’s definitely not what I wanted.

What did your family think about your decision and how did you deal with that?

My family was actually bothered with my decision. They wanted it to all be tradition and believed that I should have my court because all my primas had their quinces like that. But not me – I wanted something different. I wasn’t going to let their opinions change my mind. I knew what I wanted so I stuck with it. I told them that they had their chance to make things they way they wanted to, now it was my turn. I wanted my quinces the way I wanted them. I wasn’t thinking about pleasing anyone but myself.

Tell us about your chambelan. How old was he?

I could write a novel about my problems with all the chambelanes I went through and all the problems I faced. Igor was a miracle. He is a 32-year-old man, but he’s great! I felt completely comfortable dancing with him and he taught me every little step perfectly!

How did you convince your father to be fine with your chambelan?

Since the beginning I could tell that my dad wasn’t too happy with the fact that I had chosen Igor as my chambelan – but I was determined to make sure my dad loved him! I took my dad to one of my rehearsals and showed him what we were working on. I surprised my dad with both of the dances; I saw his jaw drop when I finished. My dad was convinced right away. He may have not showed it, but I could tell… I saw his face. My job was done.

Tell us about your dress!

My dress is totally different, just like me! It shows my girly side with the pink and then my dark, punk side with the black. Its sort of zebra if you think about it, but that’s a plus! I’m more girly then dark though, that’s why you don’t really see it.

What made you decide to have a zebra theme? Tell us about that!

I love zebra and the color pink; putting those two together to make up my theme was genius! At least that’s what I think. I wanted to have a quinces completely different than my cousins and have nothing similar because that’s who I am! I’m completely different than everyone in my family. It’s who I am and I’m proud.

What was the best part of your quinces?

The best part of my quinces was probably when I saw that Prince Royce had sent me a birthday message. I was so surprised and very happy! I was freaking out. We’re getting married one day. He just doesn’t know it yet. (:

Check out the sneak peek of Alexis’ episode below: