Eva Mendes' Best Quotes on Lifetime's "The Conversation"

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By: Valerie Tejeda

Eva Mendes sat down with Amanda De Cadenet, for a no-holds-bar interview on the new Lifetime’s series The Conversation. The Cuban beauty talked about self-esteem, finances, and what it means to be an independent woman. Here are her best quotes:

On being an independent woman: “I am actually still trying to figure out what it really means to be an independent woman. But I am now a complete adult! I’m financially independent, I have an amazing career, and I work really hard.”

On growing up in a working class household: “I can remember stress over bills all the time, constantly. All my goals were working towards becoming successful so I could support my mother.”

On wanting to become a nun, but realizing they don't get paid: “I was like, are you kidding me? That was the beginning of me becoming somewhat healthily obsessed with money.”

On money and success: “I really couldn’t give a (censored) less about what I drive, or what I’m wearing. I am just so not that girl.”

On gaining self-esteem: “I just started thinking about myself more, not in the selfish way I was thinking about myself before, but in a healthy way. I’ve realized that when I am at my best, I really can be of service to other people. That is such freedom. That has changed my life lately.”

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