Eva Longoria Parker is the Second Highest Paid Latino on TV

Eva Longoria Parker has been making the rounds lately; signing on to the commission for the National Museum for the America Latino, working to gain exposure for the DREAM act and MALDEF, picking up awards from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, getting her MA in Chicano studies...you get the point!

For a minute there, we almost forgot what catapulted ELP to the level of international stardom she's achieved—of course we're talking about the Mexican American actresses starring role in the hit ABC series Desperate Housewives!

Well, we were reminded that Longoria Parker works hard for her money when the list of the highest paid TV actors of 2010 was recently released. There she was, holding down the fourth spot on the list for raking in $400K an episode! She's the second highest ranking Latino on the list, bested only by Charlie Sheen for his role on Two & a Half Men.

Congrats Eva, you deserve the dough for all the hard work you do for our community!