Eva Longoria Parker Forgives Costar for "Fat" Comment

Newsflash: Eva Longoria Parker is not pregnant, she's just "fat." The, uh, full figured actress had a good laugh on the Emmys red carpet with her costar Felicity Huffman over her recent comment about Eva's weight gain.

In a friendly attempt to help squash those pesky rumors about Eva's condition, Felicity told People last week that she's not pregnant, “she’s just fat,” a comment Felicity now regrets—even though Eva made the exact same comment about herself just the week before.

“I came to the reading the other day and she walked in the door and I went, ‘Are you mad at me? Are you mad at me?’ She’s like, ‘No, it’s funny,’” Felicity recounted. “It’s hyperbole. Eva fat! I mean she’s this big, right?”

Eva has a decidedly more light-hearted approach to the situation. “I gained five pounds and it’s like a national scandal,” Eva told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.

Eva's weight gain isn't the national scandal, it's the idea that she's "fat" just because she crossed the 100-pound mark on the scale. Maybe Felicity and Eva both need to spend a little time outside of L.A. and amongst the real people to get a perspective on what's fat.