Eva Longoria on Creating a Female "Entourage"

Eva Longoria paid a visit to the Rachael Ray show for an episode airing this Wednesday on ABC, and dished on everything from the end of Desperate Housewives to how she lives in a sorority house!

The 36 year-old’s hit television show is currently filming its final season. After eight years working on the same set with the same crew, Longoria said, “I really love the routine. But I’m excited about being unemployed! Being able to do other things.”

She does admit, however that the reality hasn’t set in, “It hasn't really hit us yet because we have six more months to go so we're still working. I'm not a mess yet, but I'll be a flubbering mess by the end.”

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Longoria also revealed that she’s living with four housemates! “I live with a bunch of my girlfriends. I have a halfway house! I have my own sorority house. I have four women—my best friends—living with me,” she told Ray.  “One was divorced; one is in between homes...We are the female Entourage!” she laughed about her unconventional living arrangement.

Although the actress may not be having a child of her own anytime soon, she is helping one of her friends raise a baby. "We call it Parenting by Committee, because we all are parents to this poor little boy," she said. "We're like 'What do we do with this penis? What is this?' It's a man in the house. We have no idea!"

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Check your local listings for showtimes for Wednesday’s episode.