#Interview with Emily Rios From 'The Bridge'

Emily Rios attends the premiere of FX's 'The Bridge'
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When Emily Rios isn’t portraying Adriana Mendez, a reporter for El Paso Times, on FX’s critically acclaimed drama, The Bridge, she’s jumping out of planes. Or flying over Venice Beach. Although she sounds like a new Latina superhero, she’s just living life to the fullest by skydiving, parasailing and pretty much anything else her Los Angelina heart desires. Here, Rios tells us about some hashtags she’s used on her on social pages, The Bridge’s second season, and being a journalist on screen.

Tell us about the story behind #LoveLife.

That was my second time skydiving. The first time I did it was with a group of 10 friends. It was the minimal height of 14,000 feet. This time when I did it, I did it by myself and I went higher at 18,000 feet. I’m not an adrenaline junkie but it was just one of those things that people put on their bucket lists and I wanted to do it. So this time I wanted to go higher and I had a blast. That’s what I call living.

How about #Parasailing #ILoveLA?

I do love LA. It’s just that everything’s just around the corner. Anything you want to do. The day before I went skydiving, I went parasailing. I live really close to Marina del Rey so I rode my bicycle there. I loved it. And it’s one of the reasons #ILoveLA. You can go hiking on mountains, etc.

And #grateful?

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Los Angeles. People come here and want to live the dream life meaning to be on a TV show and movies; to do whatever they want in this entertainment industry. And I am living that. I have to constantly break down why I’m saying #grateful. I can see, I can hear, I can have this interview with you, etc. Every day it’s about counting your blessings.