Up-and-Coming Latina Actress Emilia McCarthy Talks New Netflix Series ‘Hemlock Grove’

Do you think you’re changing Hollywood’s perceptions of Latinas? Or do you hope to?

If I am, I hope it’s in a good way! Honestly, though Latinas come in all colors; we still all face stereotyping, but I am glad to be part of the emerging Latino talent in Hollywood. 

Who would you consider your career icon?

I’d have to say Gael García Bernal. He’s one of those rare, genuinely good actors. I was so lucky to film Babel with him about 7 years ago and he was such an inspiration. He’s so grounded and genuine; I loved that about him!

Tell us about Hemlock Grove.

Hemlock Grove is about the mysteries surrounding a murder of a teenage girl by someone or something and what these mysteries uncover throughout each episode. It’s definitely terrifying and graphic but unlike anything else in its genre.

What’s your character like?

My character Alyssa is one of the sheriff’s twin daughters. She’s definitely comic relief and light compared to all the other gloomy characters! She’s honestly a typical teen girl trying to get through high school, worrying about high school dramas and boys, while everyone else is worried about werewolves killing people.  

How did you get involved in the project?

I was called to audition in Toronto for Eli Roth, the director. After that, I was called in for a chemistry test to find my fraternal twin! It was nice and easy!

Who have you bonded with most on set?

Definitely Eliana Jones, who plays my other half – the other Sworn twin. We’re kind of like a package deal; we’d always be together goofing off! I think we were kind of annoying but they love us.