7 Reasons Why Elena from 'One Day at a Time' is Queer Latina Goals

Netflix's show One Day at a Time is rave-worthy for many reasons. For starters, it tells the story of a Cuban-American family, constantly struggling between old school and new school traditions. But one person who steals the show for LGBTQ+ Latinx people everywhere: teenage daughter Elena Alvarez, played by the Colombian breakout star Isabella Gomez

Throughout the season, we see Elena go through situations that are very relatable for any queer Latina. Check them out ahead. 

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She totally understands what it means to have dramatic, traditional Latinx family members. 

Throughout the series, Elena is struggling to find herself but also how to cope with who her family wants her to be. She loves her abuela, but the two are constantly at odds about what she should do for her quinces, how she should look, how she should act and more. But Elena consistently handles these family issues with humor, brilliance and, most importantly, love. 


She's so down for social justice issues in any situation.

When it comes to saving the environment, crushing the patriarchy or combatting stereotypes, Elena is your girl. She is always ready to check somebody on their problematic faves or serve the realness on any issue that might be afflicting society. 


She is deliriously, delightfully awkward and nerdy.

If you were ever that one Latinx nerd in high school (or even in your adult life), you will relate to Elena on so many levels. The awkward moments she gets herself into have no bounds, and we love her for it.


Her relationship with her mom is incredible. 

For half of the season, Elena is stressing on whether or not her mother would accept her if she comes out. When the moment finally comes, her mother is actually proud of her for being so open with her. Through thick and thin, Lupe turns out to be Elena's number one fan.


She claps back against Latinx standards of feminine beauty. 

Throughout the show, Elena's mom and abuela are always trying to come at her for having messy hair and no makeup. But she continues to show them there is more to being a woman than just one's looks — she personifies what it means to be a smart, strong cubana


Her relationship with her little brother is literally all of us with ours. 

Elena and Alex are polar opposites. While he's the pretty boy jock, she is the nerdy feminist girl. He's abuela's little boy and she is abuela's worst nightmare. But regardless of it all, he is the first person she comes out to — and he loves her and supports her through it all, unconditionally.


She's extremely loyal to her friends.

Throughout the series, Elena's best friend Carmen often gets made fun of by the Alvarez family. But despite everything, she stands by Carmen's side and when times get tough, Elena is always there with support.