EXCLUSIVE: Edy Ganem Talks 'Devious Maids' & The Finale!

Speaking of Remi, we just learned a lot more about his bad boy past. His relationship with Valentina is so new, how will she react when she finds out? Is that even something that will be covered this season?

The discovery of these secrets would end up being another block in their relationship right now, so we won’t be exploring this in season one. Their story will go in another direction. That’s all I can tell you about that so you will have to tune in!

Viewers are only two episodes away from finding out the big mystery of season one, “Who killed Flora?” Now that the show has been picked up for another season, where can we expect to see the story to go?

You’ll see! Marc Cherry is so brilliant. He unravels one plot and then another one starts. I know he will have another good story to tell for the next season, and hopefully many season after that! They’ve been doing a great job of packing in so much into each episode so I know whatever is coming up is going to be really good.

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