Edgar Ramírez Reacts to Emmy Nomination!

Yesterday we reported that Edgar Ramírez was nominated for an Emmy for Best Actor in a Mini-Series.  The Venezuelan actor’s received an Emmy nod for his inspirational turn as fellow countryman and revolutionary Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (aka Carlos the Jackal) in the five and a half hour-long mini-series, Carlos.  Ramírez took to Twitter to express his excitement.  “I’m very happy with this Emmy nomination!  Olivier Assayas is also nominated for Best Director for CARLOS – it’s a great joy!  I am very touched for this Emmy nomination, and most of all that the news was brought to me while I was in my country!” he wrote. It's fortuitous timing for Ramírez, who is in his country for the theatrical release of Carlos in between filming for his forst blockbuster role in Clash of the Titans.

Sofia Vergara, Edgar Ramirez Nominated for Emmy Awards!

This is not Ramírez’s first nomination for a big award.  He lost (boooo!) to Al Pacino for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Series or Movie at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards earlier this year and was also nominated for a Golden Globe, which he also lost to Pacino.  “I want to share this emotion and moment with my whole country and with all of you!  Right when CARLOS premieres in Venezuela, it’s beautiful!” the 34-year-old gushed. Congrats Edgar! We'll definitely be pulling for you.

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