EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Cibrian Opens Up About Working With Morris Chestnut Again on 'Rosewood'

EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Cibrian Opens Up About Working With Morris Chestnut Again on 'Rosewood'
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Eddie Cibrian is getting back to his crime fighting roots as Captain Aaron Slade on Fox’s Rosewood. We are loving seeing this sexy Cubano on the screen and love it even more that we got to talk to him all about this new role and getting to work with one of his besties, Morris Chestnut. Check out what he had to say and make sure to watch Rosewood on Fox, Thursdays at 8 p.m.

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What can you tell us about your character?

There’s a lot to unfold for him. He’s the new captain of the police department. Not many people know a lot about him so he’s a bit of a mystery. The way he goes about things is that he likes to test people and be unpredictable. You never know if he’s being truthful and honest with you or if he’s trying to mess with you and joke around. It keeps people on their toes, which I love about him. Throughout the season we’re going to reveal where he came from and why he’s the captain. He has some demons too, that he’s trying to get rid of. All of these things make him very interesting to me. Even though he’s the captain, he doesn’t really like rules.  There’s a lot of leeway that he has for other people too as far as rules are concerned the outcome to him is the most important. He’s a good character.

How is he going to play into the dynamic between Villa and Rosewood?

At first they don’t know what to make of him. At first you might think that he doesn’t really like partnerships and that he doesn’t want them together doing their thing. He wants to make sure that Rose and Villa are as good as they say they are. After he realizes that, he’s very encouraging for them to just go out and catch these bad guys.

How would you say you and him are similar and different?

Well, that’s a good question. I think we’re similar in the fact we have a steadfast fascination to find the truth. That’s really the most important thing to us. We’re different because my character is a bit of loose cannon and not such an optimist as Rosewood is. With my character, you don’t if he’s going to snap at you or be nice to you. He’s always keeping people on their toes, which is a little different from Rosewood.

What has it been like for you to be the new guy on set?

It’s been great. I’m not being treated like the new guy which is nice. I’ve known Morris for about 10 years. This is probably our fourth project together. We’ve had this friendship before so it was great to come on a show that he’s the lead on and make everything nice and easy. Everyone here is fantastic, there’s a family environment so it’s really great.

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