‘East Willy B’ Tries to Raise $50K in 50 Days

By Amaris Castillo for Univision News

Kickstarter is to the indie filmmaker what dogs are to man: A best friend. Or so The Wrap maintains, citing an increase in filmmakers turning to the crowdfunding site (and others like Indiegogo) to fund their projects – and in turn, their dreams.

One such filmmaker is Julia Ahumada Grob, co-creator and executive producer of East Willy B, a comedic web series about gentrification in New York City’s Brooklyn borough. Starring mostly Latino actors, the series follows Willy Jr., played by Flaco Navaja, as he desperately tries to save his longstanding sports bar.

The idea of the series came to Grob and her co-creator (and high school friend) Yamin Segal while they were sitting in a coffee shop in Brooklyn one day. Grob, who is an actress of Chilean and Jewish heritage, told Univision News in a recent interview that she grew tired of going out for roles that were less a representation of Latinas and more of an archetype. The subject of gentrification emerged, which Grob feels is a “real Latino story.”

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