Does 'American Idol' Contestant Karen Rodriguez Look Familiar to You? There's a Reason...

If you're watching Karen Rodriguez on the 10th season of American Idol and wondering where you've seen her before, the answer is Objetivo Fama (the Spanish version of Idol).

According to TVyNovelas, Rodriguez was a contestant on the 5th season of the Telefutura Spanish-language singing competition three years ago, and finished in seventh place. But it's looking like she might have a better chance of going all the way on American Idol!

The 21-year-old  told MTV News why it was important to her to sing in both English and Spanish, like she did when she blew the judges away with her bilingual performance of Mariah Carey's hit, "Hero."

"I decided to sing in Spanish because I am a Latina," she explained. "I want to represent for all my Latinos out there. America is a big melting pot, it's not only English, there are so many languages infused in this country and I just wanted to support my race," she said. 

Rodriguez says she plans on singing more bilingual songs on Idol this season. "The fans have been so amazing. They're like, 'we want to hear more of her in Spanish' and so I'm going to do whatever America wants me to do," she said. Rodriguez even told MTV the names of some of the latin artists whose songs she'd like to cover. "I love Juan Gabriel and Juan Luis Guerra," she said, adding, "Selena is my biggest idol. She is my inspiration, she is who I aspire to be."

Rodriguez, who was one of the lucky few chosen from MySpace to audition for the show, pledged to become the first ever Latin American Idol winner weeks ago. "What makes me unique is the fact that I can sing in both Spanish and English and that's what I want to incorporate in American Idol because there's never been a Hispanic American winner," she said at her very first audition. 

Here she is in her amazing Objetivo Fama intro video, in which she bigs up Selena again!