Commentary: Do You Consider Snooki a Latina?

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is back! The pint-sized Jersey Shore star is bringing her, ahem, talents to Dancing With the Stars, which premieres next Monday on ABC. Some of us here at Latina have mixed feelings about Snooks—is she down with us or isn’t she?

Even though she was born in Chile she never fully represents our culture. And I don’t mean she has to drape herself in the Chilean flag and get a reality show on mun2. As a celebrity, Snooki has the stage to represent Latinos and the different aspects of our culture. Yet, that might be too much. After all this is the same Snooki who sole reason for her celebrity is partying, drinking, and fist pumping.

While she was born in South America, she was adopted by Italian Americans and raised as such. You are who raised you. Why would she replace pasta with beans if her parents didn’t raise her that way? Yet, I’ve met Latinos who were adopted by non-Latinos and when the got older made a conscious effort to learn about their origins. Regardless of your adoptive parents, your blood is your blood. And Snooki’s blood is Chilean.

Overall, I respect Snooki’s right to not closely identify with her roots. If she’s more representative of young Italian Americans than so be it. Thankfully, we live in a country where you can’t force people to be one or the other. With that said if Snooki wins DWTS, you have to believe her Latino roots helped her a little bit.

What do you all think?