Diversity Report Card: Showtime

This week, we conclude our series grading the networks on their diversity with a look at Showtime. I’ve always thought of Showtime as HBO’s less creative younger sister. But how does the network do when it comes to casting Latin talent in front of the camera? We’re about to find out.

Like most networks—and certainly like its competitor HBO—most of Showtime’s series feature entirely White casts. The cast of Californicationled by David Duchovny—has five White stars, and popular dramedy Nurse Jackie—starring Edie Falco—features nine actors—seven of whom are White, and none of whom are Latin. Meanwhile, The United States of Tara also stars five White actors, while The Tudors has eight White stars.So despite the fact that Latinos account for 14% of the U.S. population, there are no Latinos featured on four of Showtime’s shows!

The two shows on the network that do the best job of adding diversity to their casts are Dexter and Weeds. On Dexter, there are five White actors and one Asian American actor, but there are also two Latino actors (Lauren Velez plays Lt. Maria Laguerta, while David Zayas stars as Dt. Angel Batista). On Weeds, while all seven of the series regulars are White, Guillermo Diaz and Demian Bichir recur on the show as villains.

Unlike HBO—which features two Latinos in lead roles—Showtime doesn’t have a single Latino in a leading role. What’s worse is that several of the network’s shows don’t feature a single person of color.  

Final Grade: F