Diversity Report Card: FOX

We set out to grade the television networks for their diversity a few weeks ago, and only one has passed with flying colors: ABC. NBC, The CW and CBS...not so much. Now it’s time to see how FOX does.

While grading FOX, we realized that the network does a great job of featuring African American actors on its shows. In fact, three shows—The Cleveland Show, Brothers and The Wanda Sykes Show—have entirely Black casts. But FOX isn’t kind to Latino talent. There are only three Latin stars on the entire network: Freddie Prinze Jr (24), Monica Raymund (Lie to Me), Naya Rivera and Lea Michele, um, sort of (Glee). Moreover, all are supporting or ensemble roles—not leads. Lead roles at FOX belong only to White actors (and men at that)—from Kiefer Sutherland to Tim Roth to Joshua Jackson and Hugh Laurie.

The lack of Latino love at FOX is so serious that there are more yellow people on the network than there are Latinos—and by yellow people, we're talking about the cast of the longest running animated series of all time: The Simpsons. Now that ain’t right.

Grade: F