Did Jackie Guerrido Come Between Ana de la Reguera and Jorge Ramos?

According to our friends at Celestrellas, the mystery woman behind the Ana de la Reguera/Jorge Ramos split is Univision weather girl, and wife of Don Omar, Jackie Guerrido.

A few weeks ago, Ana de la Reguera publicly announced that her break-up with long-time partner, Univision Noticias host Jorge Ramos was because of his infidelity. Even though no further explanation was given, Ana apparently had told her close friends that the person who Ramos cheated with was also a celebrity—that he worked with—leading to speculation that it was María Elena Salinas, who recently became single as well. That rumor quickly died but now a source at Univisión has confided exclusively to Celestrellas that the person who swept Ramos off his feet is none other than Jackie Guerrido, the Puerto Rican journalist who is currently Univision's weather girl.

Ramos has always led a scandal-free love life but he has apparently known Guerrido for years, even before his relationship with de la Reguera. Guerrido’s love life has been more public. Married to reggaeton star Don Omar, the couple has struggled with their marriage. Over the last few months, Jackie and Don Omar have been dodging rumors about their relationship and there have been reports that they will be announcing their divorce any day now.

Even though Ana hasn't revealed the name of the woman Jorge Ramos cheated with, Celestrellas blogger Mandy Fridmann asked a person close to her about the rumors and told us that she wouldn't confirm it's Jackie, but wasn't surprised by our statement. Celestrellas also got a no reply from Ramos when they reach out to him.

Jackie Guerrido is also keeping silent about this story, but her rep Mayna Nevarez said: "it's a laughable piece of gossip."