UPDATE: 'Devious Maids' Renewed for Second Season

Ramirez said the show is about five women who are friends – being maids are just their occupation.

“They all came to the United States with the hope of achieving the American dream. Each of our dreams are different,” she said. “For my character Rosie, she wants to bring her son to be with her. This is a very Latin story that many immigrants can relate to. So many women have brought their children here and worked dignified jobs to give them the best chance to succeed.”

Ramirez added that her role on the Lifetime show is the first time she’s played a “three dimensional woman.”

“I’m usually playing a girlfriend or even a bad-ass character, and the Latino community can say great, well that wasn’t stereotypical. But as an artist, am I fulfilled?” she asked. “Am I really getting the opportunities that I need to showcase my talent? Devious Maids is giving five Latina actresses that chance.”

Are you happy that the show has been renewed for a second season?